Who We Are

Our Mission

The WORLD VEGAN ASSEMBLY’S goal is to inspire healing and compassionate change on Planet Earth. We believe the fasted way for our planet and humanity to heal, is by putting an end to animal agriculture, and by adopting a spiritually congruent, plant-based, Vegan diet and lifestyle. 


We endeavor to bring people interested in the plant-based lifestyle together, to share helpful insights, discussions, and support by sharing: live and on-line services; upbeat motivational lectures; meditations; on-line prayer and intention programs; motivational videos and audios; and,through our blog, VEGAN THOUGHTS.

Extraordinary Experiences

Like most Americans, we grew up thinking the bogus USDA Food Pyramid has merit. In other words, we were programmed with the long-standing, horribly wrong thinking that meat, fish, dairy, and eggs are essential to human health. That programming, and those behaviors, harmed our health for decades, caused addictions, and contributed to horrors being inflicted on both animals and our planet.


We eventually found the courage to break free from the lies, to stop eating bloody, decomposing animal flesh, and to end our use of dairy andallother animal products. That wonderful emancipation from carnivorism (eleven years ago for Fred; 5 years ago, for Julie) was a divinely healing and consciousness raising event like no other.  It was the easiest, most enjoyable, supposedly hard thing we have ever accomplished. Coincidentally, we are healthier, fitter, more athletic and creative, as Vegans. And another big plus is, Vegan food is delicious.


Thankfully, we survived our former diets and irresponsible actions, long enough to awaken to the healing, compassionate, and loving Vegan lifestyle, and the light of hope it spreads around the world.


Today we are happy and grateful; today we are servants to these loving, healing messages; today we pray for a peaceful world in which all beings are happy.

Our Core Values

We believe people can be kind, compassionate, healthy, and productive. We live inside those beliefs and we hold the door to change open for others.


The WORLD VEGAN ASSEMBLY affirms immediate action must be taken to save the air, seas, sky, and all its inhabitants. We believe Veganism supports all these objectives while naturally leading to a planet full of more loving, peaceful, compassionate humans.


In this time of global pandemic, global warming, armed military conflicts, shootings, racism, terrorist actions, despicable animal agriculture, sexism, and countless other atrocities, it is incumbent upon each of us to live sustainable and compassionate, plant-based lifestyles.


Together, we can end the Animal Holocaust and its resulting threats to our planet, health, and humanity. Our hearts and minds tell us it is up to all of us to do what we can to prompt positive change, and, that the time for action is now.Let’s do our parts and be humans doing, instead of just humans being. Instead of merely being a part of humanity, we can fully represent the word humankind.

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