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A Warm Thank You to the Following Individuals for Their Dedication to a Vegan World! And, thank you for allowing us to share your amazing words, videos, and music:


Philip Wollen


Dr. Will Tuttle


Vegan Smythe


A Special Thanks to Vegan Smythe and All the Vegans and Animal Rights Advocates pictured playing* on our HOME page. They are our heros; long may they live! Vegan Smythe’s amazing music videos can be viewed on YouTube and his music can be found on ITunes.


*The video playing on our HOME page, and all the videos shown on our VIDEO page are under the copyright of each name individual, as shown at the end of each video.


“Please support the work of these amazing advocates as they carry the torch that is the light of Vegan through our world. Please visit their websites and share their work. We can all help by sharing and supporting those who so lovingly share with and support us!” Thanks, Julie Griffin